Care For Life Dals

In addition to rescuing Dals on "death-row" from area shelters, Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay also provides lifetime care for many senior Dalmatians who are unwanted due to their age. After spending a lifetime devoted to their owners, they find themselves dumped in shelters, alone and scared.  

We try and help as many of them as we can. They are in various foster homes being loved until their rightful end. Caring for these elderly Dalmatians is costly. In addition to food and occasional treats, these Dals all need monthly heartworm prevention, flea & tick medication and in a lot of cases arthritis medicines to keep them comfortable.  

Below you will meet the old spots we are currently caring for, you may click on their pictures to read their stories. Please consider providing a monthly sponsorship for one or sending a donation for their ongoing care. They will be so grateful for your help.

Augie @ the Rainbow Bridge

AZ Augie CFL

11 Year Old (Stray, Herniated Disc)

Darcy @ the Rainbow Bridge

Darcy CFL

Senior (Dumped at Shelter, Mast Cell Cancer) 


Pongo H CFL 

2 Year Old (Left in Shelter, No Adoption Offers)

Putnam @ the Rainbow Bridge


9 Year Old (Abuse Case)

Splash @ the Rainbow Bridge

Splash CFL

11 year old (Owner Dumped Due To Allergies)

Biff @ the Rainbow Bridge 


10 Year Old (Owner Couldn’t Afford, Left At Vet’s Office)



10 Year Old Deaf Senior (Family Issues)

Mr. Nubbs

Mr Nubbs CFL

Senior (Stray at Shelter, No Tail)

Justice @ the Rainbow Bridge


12 Year Old (Dumped at Shelter) 


Freckles CFL 

7 Year Old (Returned, Not Kid Friendly)  

Happy Bobby

Happy Bobby CFL 

10 Year Old (Left in Shelter, Fearful) 


Maggie CFL 

8+ Year Old (Dumped at Shelter, HW+, Heart Murmur)  


Molly CFL

10 Year Old (Didn't Like Grandchild)  

Princess @ the Rainbow Bridge

Princess CFL

10 Year Old (Turned-in For Being Arthritic) 

 Lucky @ the Rainbow Bridge

Lucky CFL

10 Year Old (Found Stray)


Dropbox Pongo CFL

10 Year Old (Bladderstone)



DRTB's CFL Rainbow Bridge


For those that have gone on ahead...